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strategy for artists and organizations

thorndikeCREATIVE is a boutique consulting firm specializing in creative strategy and leadership. We offer training and consulting for individuals and engagement-driven organizations, with a specialty in the arts sector. For both individuals and organizations, we teach ways to create sharp, clear, and easeful processes through a process of identifying strengths and opportunities, refining skills, and implementing strategic plans.

Creative mentoring and strategy

We use creativity as a change agent, helping staffs, executives, and artists clarify and prioritize their work as well as life inputs and outputs. We use a choreographic mindset to help clients conceptualize, create, and navigate the systems in their lives. Through individualized strategies and with our guidance, our clients maximize the impact of their work and home lives. Our consultants use a matrix of Action, Support, Curiosity, Challenge, and Resilience to help clients clarify their perspectives, identify opportunities, communicate clearly, and set up generative life and work practices.  For artists, this work can surround artistic work and frameworks (e.g. grant narratives or artist statements). For executives this work can elucidate motivations, life/work goals, and clear choice-making. 

Program design, branding, and evaluation

thorndikeCREATIVE provides 360° program design, branding, workflows, and evaluation to help organizations launch clear, impactful initiatives. With specialized expertise in mentoring, service, leadership, communications, and arts programs, our staff works with non-profits and engagement-driven for profits, using a matrix of  Sustainability, Service, Engagement, and Advocacy. This work guides clients through the process of taking a program from an idea or motivation, to an articulated program design, to a brand framework, to a series of expectations and implementation workflows for staff, to a sustainable, repeatable program, including evaluation. These programs could be  internal to an organization (e.g. a leadership training pipeline or a professional development workshop) or externally-focused (e.g. an artist's presentation of creative work or an company-wide community service initiative). We are also available to bring an outside eye to existing programs.