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Workplace Wellness Sessions

thorndikeCREATIVE has developed a signature, movement-based workplace mindbody program. In focused 25-minute sessions, our movement specialists lead clients through a series of targeted alignment exercises and stretches. We work directly in client offices: sessions & workshops are conducted in participants' business attire in conference rooms or any available space. Most exercises are done while standing or sitting utilizing chairs, desks, and therabands (which we provide). This work addresses stress management, strengthening postural muscles, alignment tools, and neuromuscular tension relief. The sessions are effective and efficient; no time is wasted--and our clients report that they leave energized and focused. These engagements can range from once per month to daily. 

Conference Wellness Workshops

thorndikeCREATIVE offers flexible workshops, customized for client needs.  Our workshops range from 10-minute "body-breaks" at conference breaks, to 50-minute movement and lecture conference sessions, to half or full day trainings that include movement, lecture, discussion, and participant writing. Recent topics have included:

  • Increasing physical presence in presentations
  • Holding space in high-pressure environments
  • Maintaining your health on rigorous travel
  • Basics of restorative yoga and mindfulness
  • Wellness for classroom teachers
  • Embodied leadership 

We also offer in-depth training on teaching and cueing movement for dance and movement professionals.

Individual Embodied Leadership training

thorndikeCREATIVE offers private alignment, Pilates, and yoga training that can be done on- or off-site, either in exercise gear for an increased range of motion and increased heart rate, or in corporate attire to squeeze a wellness break into a busy day. These sessions are designed to meet the individual needs of the client, ranging from high intensity training to restorative, meditative work.  These sessions address: Personal wellness goals, core strength, flexibility, specific physical limitations and opportunities, presentation skills, and breathing techniques.