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Program Design, Branding, Evaluation


thorndikeCREATIVE provides 360° program design, branding, workflows, and evaluation to help organizations launch clear, impactful initiatives. With specialized expertise in mentoring, service, leadership, communications, and arts programs, our staff works with non-profits and engagement-driven for profits, using a matrix of  Sustainability, Service, Engagement, and Advocacy. This work guides clients through the process of taking a program from an idea or motivation, to an articulated program design, to a brand framework, to a series of expectations and implementation workflows for staff, to a sustainable, repeatable program, including evaluation. These programs could be  internal to an organization (e.g. a leadership training pipeline or a professional development workshop) or externally-focused (e.g. an artist's presentation of creative work or an company-wide community service initiative). We are also available to bring an outside eye to existing programs.